Take you to look at five Cathedral of the world

Christian life is an important part of Europeans. So the church throughout urban and rural areas has become an important part of the city, and a long history. Europe, the church is a must visit, we can say European-style furniture is also extending out from a number of religious buildings.
Churches in Europe roughly divided into four architectural styles (time division): Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque and Modernist church.

Where Gothic and Baroque style most widely circulated and classic style cathedral is the world's five main style.
Vatican St. Peter's Basilica for the cathedral in the world, can accommodate 60,000 people worship; Milan Cathedral is the second cathedral, is the world's largest Gothic building; the Cathedral of Seville, Spain, the third largest Church; fourth cathedral in Florence Italy Cathedral (Santa Maria del Fiore), whose dome is the world's largest dome; the United Kingdom is the fifth cathedral St. Paul's Cathedral, is the UK's largest.
Vatican St.Peter's Basilica

St. Peter's Basilica, the standard called St. Peter's Cathedral. St. Peter's English translation of vulgar. The Michelangelo designed the Christian Catholic Church (Catholic) Church, the catholic believers pilgrimage of Pope and the Vatican Curia, the first of five World Cathedral.
European style church architecture is undoubtedly the most brilliant, the most dazzling and richest artistic appeal representative. As a model of the baroque church of St. Peter, luxurious interior atmosphere, white marble, religious paintings, colored glass windows, gilding sculpture, showing the most sacred religious court side.
Italy Milan Cathedral
Milan Cathedral is the world's largest Gothic cathedral, after six centuries before completion, Germany, France, Italy and other countries to participate in the main church architects have designed a collection of various ethnic architectural style. Twelve to fifteen century Gothic architectural style is popular in Europe, so lay the Gothic tone of the building, in the interior, since the seventeenth and eighteenth century baroque rise in Europe, so also integrated into the Baroque style. Therefore, its architecture includes Gothic, neoclassical, neo-Gothic (also known as the Baroque), Cathedral of Milan, despite many hands, but always maintained a "decorative Gothic" style .
Church features in its shape. Pointed arch, pilasters, flower window frames, there are 135 minarets, like thick Tallinn stabbing the sky, and God statue on each spire. Outside the church a total of more than 2,000 statues, very peculiar. If even the statue inside a total of more than 6,000 statues, the statue is the world's largest Gothic cathedral. So it looks gorgeous church building exceptionally busy with worldly atmosphere. The church has a steeple of up to 107 meters, due to the great masters of 15th century Italian architecture Bo Bruno Les Ki hands. There are statues of the Virgin Mary, golden in the sun seems brilliant, gorgeous, magical and magnificent on top of the tower.
Spanish Seville Cathedral
Seville Cathedral building period experienced Mudejar, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, neo-classical and other academic period and, finally, to try to end all of the above simple pure style of architecture. The whole building belongs to the Gothic style of the heyday of Spain, but also mixed with Arab architectural style, organic combination of the two together, the formation of today's architectural art.
The main altar of the chapel dedicated to the patron saint of Seville "Our Lady of the King", altar relief depicting 36 scenes of Christ's life, ornate decoration. Top church groups use complex carved in the lamp light reflection scattered shadows seem more mysterious church.
Cathedral of Florence, Italy
Florence Cathedral, known as the world's most beautiful church, also known as Santa Maria del Fiore. This is even more than the meaning of the Cathedral of Milan Cathedral and Seville Cathedral, and St. Peter's Basilica in parallel. Renaissance cathedral is the first landmark, marking the beginning of the Renaissance. Its dome is the world's largest dome, Michelangelo once said, "I can build a dome larger, but far inferior to her beauty" in the design of the dome of St. Peter's Basilica while.
Architecture and painting of the Renaissance is also shining light. Majestic churches in the world are many, but few churches could be so charming. The white, pink and green marble geometric patterns decorated the beautiful church of the Renaissance era respected classical, elegant, free interpretation of the head.
St Paul's Cathedral ,UK
St Paul's Cathedral is the world's second largest dome of the church, next to Florence Cathedral, the medieval Roman Church learned from classical architecture special, slightly solemn, serious and dignified beauty, using the Byzantine era church first temple structure, regrouping the foyer, hall and altar apse, triumphal arches, giving them a new order, a representative of Baroque architecture, with its magnificent dome and famous. St Paul's Cathedral is a world famous religious shrine, the world's second largest dome church, which mimics the St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, is the representative of the British classical architecture.

In 1981 , Princess Diana and Prince Charles' wedding of the century ceremony was held at St. Paul's Cathedral, this wedding of the century was over 720 million people watch the wedding live online. Can be described as the most luxurious, is the most worldwide attention to a wedding.

Then a grand wedding, Princess Diana and Prince Charles is full of happiness through sacred church scene deeply imprinted in memory of the world. St. Paul's Church then also play a more attention in the world of Baroque style to bring you not only the powerful aura of luxury, but also bring out the permanent sacred art.
Baroque style is European style, Filiphs Palladio Furnishings focused Baroque palace furniture for 22 years, if you like the European style of religious buildings, that must not be missed baroque furniture.

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Beauty loves chaise couch, learn to be an elegant woman

Chaise couch first appeared in ancient Egypt. Egyptians mixed a bed and chair into "couch", after the Romans places precious animal fur covered chaise couch surface. Just not in a particularly solemn and the environment, chaise couch lying on the side is perfectly acceptable.
French chaise couch in three forms:

separate chaise couch, the structure must be divided into two-stage or three-stage, two-stage separate chaise couch armrest must be made by a sofa and a low stool armrest components. Early 20th century, low stool usually lengthened armrest cushion.

Three sections separate chaise couch, this daybed couch for more relaxed space. Such as the bedroom, den, living room and so on. Different fabric with different styles of space, comfortable and elegant.
Boat chaise couch.
In the late 18th and early 19th century, the gradual loss of control over the Catholic Europe, romanticism then developed, artists are keen to use the structure and elements of classical architecture, the use of classical composition and brush strokes on the painting. "Classical Art" in advocating "love and freedom," the wind and then make fun of Catholics abide by the tenets of frugal contrary, so this is also a change of style was already dehumanizing glorious religious art of confrontation. Royal couch ship shape is derived from the ancient Greek period.
One of the Louvre collection of works of the French master of Neoclassicism Jacques Louis • • David Jacques-Louis David (1748-1825) work "Portrait of Porträt Madame Récamier (1800 Nian)" makes the ship chaise couch by the nobility welcome.

Above bed bench can be placed above a bed end stool used in the study room is also very casual comfortable. Handmade wooden structure, worth collecting。
Oblique armrest chaise couch
Popular in France in the early 19th century, as the name implies, this chaise couch at the back of one side of a long handrail. Since the armrest left-right asymmetry, so users will be automatically adjusted according to Desks sitting, cleverly designed oblique handrail chaise couch to sit very comfortable feeling, it is an elegant design.
Women will lie down on the chaise couch entertain guests. The Victorian era, almost always put a couch in the centre of living room. 1930s, Hollywood actress dressed in silk pajamas, lying loungers amorous photo shoot. Chaise couch has become a symbol of female power!

Both ladies chaise longue is a recent favorite style, hand-carved wood, French painting, accompanied by fine gold fabric, gold strokes highlights baroque lines of beauty, is definitely worthy collection of boutique oh.
This daybed couch for relatively intimate enclosed space, such as a bedroom, study and living room, etc., can create a comfortable and elegant atmosphere, you can not put the wall space in the room, such as edge-ceiling windows, and other end of the bed .
European Royal couch Modern furniture is the roster of the most unique one exists, with its elegant styling and comfort lazy style by the nobility's favorite, he became a bedroom or study the necessary furniture.

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Relaxed and elegant chaise longue

It has a glamorous and romantic name - chaise longue, Carefully tailored specifically for the hostess, comfortable and beautiful, relaxing your body when lying on , very comfortable. It is classic and elegant beauty everywhere reveals noble, countless beautiful bow in homage, since ancient times for its beauties are leaving shadows. Why not, take it home now?
Exquisite cloth fabric, soft and comfortable, gorgeous exquisite pattern, give you visual enjoyment honorable, hard texture of thick, all the furniture us safe and healthy green paint, elegant and refined gold process, so that classical chaise longue more fashion and elegance.

Exquisite classical chaise longue, you can see the furniture production process complicated and delicate. In the framework of natural wood, strong bearing capacity, deformation. To build a gold chaise longue topical, gorgeous fashion. Delicate carved, rounded back, comfortable fabrics, silhouetted against each other, filling the chaise longue gorgeous and noble.

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European Restaurant decoration ideas

European style emphasizes ornate decoration, strong colors and beautiful shape, but as the economy continues developing, people tend to abandon the traditional European over complicated, but retains the elegant lines of the design, the color of the details to match the modern individual kinds of high-tech household items, features a restaurant is to eat and exchange, so the most important restaurant decoration is practical, cozy, make guests feel at home, so the family sitting together, there is a sense of enjoyable.
Simple and elegant white backdrop, are the basis of most wild style of decoration. Such decoration background, coupled with the color yellow split gilding European furniture, was a low-key luxury, Zhao was also the delicate taste of the owner.
But even the same white backdrop, if you want to decorating a magnificent, elegant effect, is not no way, in addition to the full set of essential gilding hand-carved classical dining table outside, hung on the walls but also classical charm of painting, so that the entire restaurant is filled with the atmosphere of a royal honor.
Gorgeous and beautiful, complex and cumbersome removal of sculpture, beautiful lines and retain the color of the hand-painting, this is the ladies favorite French garden furniture, not so luxury as European furniture, there is its own unique delicate, giving is Petty, years of quiet good feeling good.
Noble ice, smooth lines and seamless neo-classical furniture, it is suitable for luxury villas, purchasing a new classical restaurant dining tables and chairs to make your restaurant more grades.

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To buy furniture first or decoration first?

There is an important point to confirm of house ornamentation, that is to buy furniture first or confirm the style of decoration first ?
If  buying furniture first, decor should fit furniture styles.

Decoration first, then buy furniture when there should be a framework that furniture styles and decor should match.
We advice to buy the furniture first, the decoration process seemingly reversed, it could become the main trend of the future renovation, because it allows a more complete home design is to help reduce a lot of unnecessary decoration trouble.

Most of people have no decoration experience, The designer for the customer's personal preferences, habits know little about, only their own understanding and experience to design, resulting in a lack of its own characteristics and style of decoration. Often a style decoration, furniture election is another style, the overall home discord. In election after designer selected furniture is not the same, you can take the first look at designer Italian furniture, and also told him the size, so the designer can learn specific furniture style you like, so during the design process the hard decoration, soft furnishings like furniture blends with the owners, a tailored style harmony renovation program. Designers also make some changes in the pattern of the room according to the size of the furniture, so as not to appear to cater to the design and style to spare some furniture situation.
In fact, to determine the style of furniture there is a principle, identify the main line in the big style of the premise. For example, like the pastoral style bedroom is first to choose princess iron beds or wooden bed; like modern style living room sofa determine the selection of leather or fabric sofa. After selecting the main line, and then the other to go along the main line, so that the selected style furniture is not a difficult thing.
Your personal characteristics depend on the details. After the furniture is determined, but do not get too excited, a little distance away from the stay. Because it is not a family inn, so some of the details which would need to add a personal flavor, such as curtains, lamps, tablecloths and the like. These seemingly are small, but it is also very bothered procurement.
Strict compliance with the capital budget: renovated house, emphasizing the most is the budget. In the part of the purchase of furniture, the first thing to say is still the budget. It is said that the budget is used to overruns. This concept is wrong, should the actual expenditure deviate too much budget, you might as well not do the budget. In general, now installed in the hard and soft means the overall process of renovation funds accounting for about "five five" of the points, and in between, soft fitted bedroom furniture accounted for the bulk specific gravity again, of course, you can also follow the actual demand appropriate adjustments. Here is the big concept of soft decoration, including furniture, bedding, curtains, lamps, carpets, pots and pans and so on.
Make a budget, this problem is solved. First of all, if you purchase this package tables and chairs, behind the budget gap will be much; secondly, how it packages its own degree of matching furniture and style; and finally, if you buy it, beyond the budget will buy it at a later time savings . Thus, the advantages and disadvantages of combining together, the results in their own hearts.


How to decor your home full of New Year’s atmosphere

In China ,New Year is a very important festival.
Clean the house, preparation stocking, purchase new clothes to wear clothing with a new atmosphere of the New Year, to make your home with a "new look" .in addition to red lanterns, scrolls and other conventional New Year's decorations, purchase some special Chinese New Year decorative items or other red Using the same elements can render the same festive atmosphere!
To make home festive atmosphere,, it is better to start choosing tableware first.
New Year's Eve reunion dinner, relatives and friends coming in New Year, It is almost inseparable reunion dinner table, several dish stocking and a few glasses of tea and wine, this time to replace the cutlery is particularly important.
Dinner plate:
 Choosing red tableware can make the New Year’s atmosphere stronger and tradition.

 Using animal images in Monkey Year, It makes festive More particularly, childlike, won the children's favorite!

 Red item is full in festival atmosphere ,o that the original simple ordinary cup suddenly full of fun ~!

Paper-cut design is very suitable for Chinese New Year, this cup is simple and not ordinary.

Candle jar or tea-caddy :
 Candy jar was originally used to store sweets and snacks and choose the style of a small cake canopic jars, but the best ~
 If the house is Chinese style, the caddy can also be a little Chinese, and tablecloths with would be more appropriate
Animal shaped candy jar will win the children's favorite!

Cotton material cup mat  in literary taste, around the periphery of a circular design in red lace, as if people back to childhood New Year.

Such cup mat refreshing, more creative.

Home Decoration :
Tom make your home full of festival atmosphere , furniture is the most direct expression of the home, and therefore change a sofa, combined with the overall style of the home, cleverly choose a New Year red elements furniture, fashion in flavor, and gives refreshing feeling to your home has maintained a festive atmosphere at the same time reflect the owner's taste and preferences.
 Buy a red living room sofa of Italian luxury, not only to your living room is full of festive taste. yet still upscale style, dignified.

Additional furniture in the bedroom with a red elements, such as cloth or bed chaise longue in red fabric with the choice of finishes, allow your room to add festivity.
Baroque classical style living room to buy a solid wood dining tables and chairs, dining chairs use red imitation silk cloth, to better reflect your personal taste.

Spring Festival is coming, many people do not want to make a big change of the house, but they want to have in festival atmosphere,  this time to buy some extraordinary elements in red pretty little ornaments on the table or cupboard for decoration, not only beautiful, but also from the special feel the warmth in flavor on small objects.
 This monkey ceramic craft ornaments for this year’s Spring Festival furnishings is most appropriate for the home adding fun.
 This Monkey is very suitable as a traditional Chinese New Year display item, it means Lucky and happiness.


Since ancient times, the Chinese New Year window grilles have stickers, couplets custom, collage as one of the most common, but the products, all the time to show people appreciate the beauty of fun and imagination. Innovative means of rendering a different sticker Spring Festival atmosphere, and easy to replace features, like the transformation of the style of the partners is another convenient enough.
 Paste Monkey element paper on the window, festivity and spice.
 Playful version of Fai Chun is very delicate, to give New Year with a new look.

Red Envelopes:
During the Chinese New Year, as the elders, need to give children red envelopes. Chinese New Year red envelopes custom has a long history, it not only represents the good wishes of the elders to the younger generation, but also the elders give children amulets bless the child in the new year auspicious health. A unique new red envelopes to make children more surprises, more pleasure and satisfaction.

Do not have to use the traditional red envelopes, which are more affected by  children love.

Chinese New Year around the corner, surely we all are busy to prepare for this reunion, we can say, is not only one of our New Year holiday, but also look forward to the New Year and good wishes for the future life of the year. Therefore, in order for this year's most important holiday, we have done the preparatory work, a good home and decorate it, and let the Chinese New Year festive filling every corner!