You should know about the size of furniture

One of the things you do not know about furniture is the size of your furniture.

Furniture is for the use of people, furniture design standards, shape, color and layout must meet the human physiology, psychological standards and the activities of the human body parts of the law, in order to achieve safety, practical, convenient, comfortable and beautiful purpose. The application of ergonomics in furniture design is to emphasize the physiological and psychological response of the furniture to the human body in the course of using, and to carry out scientific experiments and measurements. On the basis of extensive analysis, the furniture design provides scientific in accordance with. In the design of the furniture scale, the height of the podium and the table without the chair is designed according to the person's upright datum point; the furniture used for the sitting, such as writing desk, table and seat, Quasi-bed, sofa bed and couch and other bedding to the supine reference point shall prevail.
If the size of the furniture not only up to use awkward, and some also affect the health.

When you buy furniture, you can refer to the following dimensions
the scientific height of the table about 72cm.

chair seating height of 45cm, too high can not touch the ground, too low is sitting uncomfortable
tables and chairs should be controlled in the height of 28-32cm range.
The length of the bed for the person's height plus 5% of the length, coupled with the head of the pillow and the foot end of the margin is a total margin of about 2m.
the height of the bed in the human body knee (45-50cm) is appropriate, people can sit on the bed legs and parts of the bed does not oppress the thigh muscles better.
  sofa or armrest sofa backrest height should be 85-90cm.
sofa and TV cabinet (29 inches) the distance should be about 3 meters.
the depth of the sofa can not be less than 48cm, seat depth is too large calf can not naturally droop, and too shallow will sit still.
seat height should be between 36-42cm, sitting too high is too low are uncomfortable.

Light Festival in Guangzhou

The 6th Guangzhou International Lighting Festival is opening.
This beautiful city has opened bling bling shining mode.

Guangzhou International Lighting Festival held in 2011 for the first time, has ushered in the sixth year, and the Lyon Festival, the Sydney Light Festival tied for the world's three major lighting festival.

Each year the festival has a different theme, to attract people to watch.

It covering five major areas of Guangzhou, six major attractions, the Pearl River Channel 7 River Bridge, the Pearl River New City area 16 corridors, Huacheng Plaza, Guangzhou Tower, nightfall, we can see a different Guangzhou.

If you are in Guangzhou, at night you can go to see such beautiful sight. it will be end in this December 4th.


What is China’s Singles’ Day?

As the name suggests, Singles' Day began as a day for single people - apparently a chance to celebrate for the singletons, or "bare sticks", symbolised by the four number ones in the date of 11 November - 11/11.
Luxury classic antique furniture

But in 2009 the online retail firm Alibaba adopted the day to promote a massive online shopping sale. It said the date was easy to remember, and conveniently placed in a consumer spending lull between National Day and Chinese New Year holiday.
High end classic study room furniture baroque style

Italian classic furniture dining room set

Singles' Day rapidly became a hit. Other online retailers began cashing in, and Alibaba copyrighted the term "Double 11".

Nowadays, Double 11 is the largest online shopping day in China.


Happy Halloween

Halloween is one of the world’s oldest holidays, celebrated in several countries around the world including the USA, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, Mexico, Latin America, and Spain.
The Celtic peoples lived over 2,000 years ago In the place that is now Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Northern France. Halloween’s origins date back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced sow-in).
For the Celtic peoples, the New Year was celebrated on November 1st of every year. This date marked the end of Summer and the beginning of Winter. And this time of year often associated with human death.
Traditions of Halloween: Many of the traditions associated with Halloween can be traced back to the ancient festivals of Samhain, such as costuming, trick-or-treating, pinata, pumpkin carving.  
Symbols of Halloween: Modern day Halloween celebrations use many symbols to help make the holiday more interesting.
Do you know what they are? Ghost、Haunted house、spider、bat、vampire、werewolf、coffin、zombie、witch、skull、pirate、Skull &Crossbones、mummy、skeleton、goblin、ghoul、tomb、Bandaged finger、owl、black cat、mask、moon Wish you all have a funny Halloween Day!


It’s time to have a trip

In China, National Day is the annual tourist season. we are busy for life every day, the National Day Golden Week is a rare holiday, how to play well in holiday, in fact, really necessary to do Raiders.

LiJiang is a beautiful city in Yunnan, China
We come to Lijiang, meet their own, forget the past, walk through the ancient city of leisure time in a flower of wood, so that the afternoon one meter sunshine into the hearts of the softest place.

Lijiang territory can be seen everywhere, the natural landscape is colorful, national culture bright, every sight is beauty every step of cultural precipitation.

GuiLin is a World-famous tourist city in Guangxi China, the landscape sketched out a beautiful picture of China, take a leaf bamboo floating on top of the Lijiang River, like exposure Barry Gallery

Its landscapes in the territory of the world-famous, for thousands of years to enjoy the "Guilin landscape Jia Tianxia" reputation.

Yangshuo, Longji terraced fields, the Li River, Ms Liu Grand View Garden

Guilin Zhongshui International Hotel

In Xingjiang China, Kanas region's most beautiful Autumn in Hemu, layer forest dip, colorful, is a typical primitive natural ecological scenery. Natural landscape and cultural landscape has always maintained the original style and known as "the Pure Land of the earth", her stunning, any superb photography is difficult to show its essence, which is also known as "Oriental Switzerland, photographer paradise"

French Classic Antique Furniture

Fililphs Palladio  interpretation of European classical furniture, European classical furniture features very palace features, modeling complex, strong color, interspersed curve elliptical space, the pursuit of gorgeous, show off, magnificent, Warm and elegant with palace glorious style.
Rococo style classic armchair

solid wood hand carved furniture

Handmade wood production, each step shows that the artisans such as the treatment of art-like uncompromising attention. Fabric light-colored elegance and dark velvet dignified atmosphere depends on the owner's preferences, but also highlights the high level of humanities and accomplishment.
French classic dining chair

high quality classic furniture

Antique classic solid wood armchair

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Romantic French Rococo Furniture

France is a romantic city, everywhere you can see the French people refined, elegant, the pursuit of a comfortable life.
French Baroque style classic furniture

French romance everywhere, no matter what to buy are particular about what color and atmosphere of the match, putting on his hat so, some of the chores of daily life as well. Such as furniture, European furniture is taking the court route, the ultimate luxury and assertive, French furniture Continental furniture will do more features exquisite luxury, bold color, with bright color design scheme as the main color, so that presents Furniture the classical beauty, and red, yellow and blue colors match, then it reveals the fertile scene, while Legs simplified and beautifully curled curve decoration also reflects the French elegance of country life.

Romantic French Rococo bedroom furniture set
Romantic French furniture with exquisite color and atmosphere, rich color aristocratic palace Seiko secret agents, rich in art. French furniture also retains the nostalgic atmosphere of the royal household into the civilian population, but not too much publicity.
The color of furniture with simple, elegant partial bright color tone, matched with exquisite gilt patterns, texture makes furniture look more glossy, smoother lines.

French Provincial Classic Chaise Loungue

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Buy a luxurious bed to upgrade your bedroom

On the decoration of the house, a lot of people are more concerned about bedroom decoration, because we have spend about a third time of one day to stay in the bedroom.
And choose a luxury bed for your room is very important. The bed can reflect the whole style of your room. Baroque style classic bed is very popular by customers.

High end Classic Antique gold leaf gilding bed
The bed reflects graceful and royalty, makes your room full with classic taste.
Italian Classic Gold Leaf Gilding King Size Bed
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